San Francisco Trip – Muir Woods

January 20, 2015

Jordan and I had a quick weekend trip down to San Francisco this past weekend. We took it easy, and didn’t try to cram too much into the trip, and it ended up being the perfect little getaway.

I was back and forth about visiting Muir Woods. I had heard it gets super crowded, especially on weekends. I thought we could beat the crowds by heading out early Sunday morning, but we really wanted to try this one place for breakfast, and food usually trumps everything. So, we ended up heading out right around 2 PM, which was when everyone else in the state decided to go, too.

I really would recommend making the trek across the Golden Gate Bridge to see this place. But if you hate crowds, try first thing in the morning, or even a weekday. Nonetheless, it was pretty gorgeous. (I’ll say it was a challenge taking photos without other people in the shot. Muir Woods is the Disneyland of forests).

San Francisco Trip 2015

San Francisco Trip 2015

San Francisco Trip 2015

San Francisco Trip 2015

San Francisco Trip 2015

San Francisco Trip 2015

San Francisco Trip 2015

San Francisco Trip 2015

Quick hello!

January 14, 2015

Tibble Fork Canyon, Utah

Just popping over for a quick hello! Life is nuts right now. J and I had a busy weekend working up at Park City, then a huge snow storm hit Utah, so we took a day off to hit the slopes. Oh, and we got a membership at the bouldering gym that just opened a few minutes from our house, so we’ve been climbing a bunch more lately, too. Guys, life is FUN. Well, mostly fun.

I’ll admit I’ve been up and down lately, experiencing a mild quarter-life crisis of some sorts. Not the kind that makes you go out and buy a convertible. But more like the kind that makes you second guess yourself. Doubt your own abilities. Stress about how others might perceive you. Sometimes I feel really proud of this blog space I’ve created. And other times, I’m just so dissatisfied. And frustrated. But such is the process of progress, right?

Anyway. Thanks for following along. I always love reading comments from y’all. The blogging world has introduced me to such sweet and talented people from all over the world. And well, that’s just rad.

P.S. Speaking of rad people, Bethany over at The Collaboreat invited me to do a city guide for Park City! Check it out here!

Holiday Break 2014

January 9, 2015

We are back! Jordan and I spent the holidays with his family in a nice and cozy cabin tucked away in the mountains. We got snowed in on Christmas day, and had plenty of much-needed aunt and uncle time with our nieces and nephew. Plus! No one got sick! At least not the throw-upy kind. Only a few sore throats and a lot of runny noses. But that breaks my 2-year curse of throwing up right after Christmas! Yay. It was a solid holiday! (Massive photo dump about to commence).









Aaaand just a little bit of snow, there.



We had to dust off the Subie so we could head out to the mountains for an AMAZING ski day.






We did a bit of exploring around the cabin, and a ton of sledding. I only brought out my film camera for that, so I’ll post those shots later.

It dropped below zero around New Years, so we headed out to Park City with Jordan’s parents for a bite to see if it was any warmer down the mountain. It wasn’t. We were going to walk main street and shop a bit, but it was just too dang cold.




Holidays were good to us. 2014, thanks for being a solid year. A blurry selfie to take us out.



January 7, 2015


This year was a blur of adventure. Some highlights:

\\ Spending a ton of time up in the mountains with Jo.

\\ Running a half marathon in Moab.

\\ Traveling to see family. (including one new niece AND one new nephew!)

\\ A much-needed vacation on the beaches of Florida.

\\ 5-year anniversary in Park City.

\\ Camping and rock climbing once the snow was gone.

\\ Seattle for Thanksgiving. Cabin in Utah for Christmas.

I’m glad I have this journal. It has been a motivator for me to document life. 2014 was a solid year. Like any year, there were a few rough spots here and there, but I think we came out on top. I’m feeling recharged and excited for the new year.

This year, I’m going to challenge myself even more. I’ve taken on the video-a-day challenge. You record a short clip each day, then compile them into one video at the end of the year. With just a second a day, the final video ends up being around 6-7 minutes. We are almost a week in to 2015, and so far so good. If anything, it motivates me to do something every day that would be interesting to record, even if it just takes a few minutes.

(Thanks to my friend from film school for the inspiration! Check out his video.)

It’s a good life.

Downtown Seattle on Film

January 2, 2015

Before I dive into photos from the holiday break, I wanted to share some film scans I just got developed from our Thanksgiving trip up north in Seattle.

Have I mentioned lately that I love this city?

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle

Seattle Skyline

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle

Things I am happy about from this batch of film:

\\ Tack sharp focus. Aside from the blurry interior shot below Pike Place, each shot is just so crisp. I also recently upgraded my scans to premium with the film lab I use (The Find Lab), and it is so incredibly worth it.

\\ Exposure. I barely even touched the scans in post (I usually do a little editing in Photoshop). I’m honing in on a certain look with my photographs, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the accurate readings for the in-camera light meter on the Pentax 645N. For wider, landscape shots, I still think I would benefit from an off-camera meter.

\\ THAT LAST PHOTO. I didn’t even realize that girl was looking at me when I snapped the shot. It was like a secret my camera kept from me while I waited for the film to be developed. I’m just proud of that photo.

You can view the photos in a larger format by clicking on them. It will direct you to my Flickr account. I recommend it!

All shots taken with the Pentax 645N, on Kodak Portra 400

Pacific Northwest on Film – pt. 2

December 22, 2014

Here is the final installment of photos from this hike on film. It was darker than I expected while we hiked through the forest (at almost midday). So I kept an eye out for any sunlight peeking through the trees. This first picture of Jordan is one of my favorites from this batch. Enjoy! :)

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

All photos shot with the Pentax 645N on Kodak Portra 400 film.

Sarah & Levi Bridals // Utah Photography

December 19, 2014

Jordan and I took these bridals for this handsome couple a few weeks back, on a brisk snowy day in November. Though Sarah said to me she never wanted a winter wedding, she sure makes one gorgeous winter bride! I love these kids, and I am so so happy for them! (Shot on both film and digital).










Pacific Northwest on Film – pt. 1

December 16, 2014

Washington Rainforest

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

All images shot with the Pentax 645N on Kodak Portra 400 film.

christmas tree

December 12, 2014




He’s not picking his nose. He had some crushed pine needles between his fingers. Nothing like a fresh pine tree smell to get ya in the spirit.

So. It was my intention on finding a bit more of a scraggly tree this year. I may have gotten a bit carried away. I was hopeful that all it needed was a ‘little love,’ but I gotta admit. It’s pretty sparse.

I still love it.






I mean, is it even possible to not love a Christmas tree? Even the tackiest of trees can make my heart swell with Christmas joy.

Speaking of tacky, I’m just gonna leave this here…


Seattle Thanksgiving // Hiking Snoqualmie

December 9, 2014

I give you: two attempts of hiking Rattlesnake Ledge in Snoqualmie, WA.

Truth be told, we set out to hike this ridge early Sunday morning before church, but got lost. We hiked around almost the entire lake at the base, trying to find the trailhead. After about an hour, we finally found the right trail, but we didn’t have enough time to hike up before church. We managed to snap some shots despite the failed attempt to hike to Rattlesnake Ledge.

The rising sun and frozen tundra was a Beautiful (with a capital B) sight to take in. Thankfully, Jordan was willing to snap these photos. I’ll admit, the cold inhibited my motivation to get out my camera. I did snap a few on film, I sure hope they turned out. Cus it was DANG COLD. (I look pretty miserable in that photo).





Once we finally found the right trail, we hiked up maybe a quarter mile.



We were pretty bummed/annoyed that it took so long to find the actual trail. SO we resolved to try again the next day (minus Dad, since he had to work. Boo).

So, here is Rattlesnake Ledge, Second Attempt:


It wasn’t quite as picturesque, since the sun wasn’t shining, and a bit of snow had melted. But it was still worth it. I just LOVE how high those trees tower over throughout the hike. Like a big blanket. Of tall trees.

Aaaaand the top!


So my parents did this hike again today (since Dad had to miss out on round 2). They were a bit more successful finding “The View.” You see, I did this hike back in high school, and I remembered a rocky area that overlooked the lake. It’s an awesome view, and I was anxious to see it this time around. But once we reached the ‘top’ this outlook I was imagining was nowhere to be seen. I talked to my mom this morning after their hike, and she told me that if we would have just gone to the right of where these photos were, we would have found that look out.

ALAS. Third time’s a charm.


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