Our Parents

August 27, 2014

Back from a bit of traveling for work, and I’m still trying to play catch up a bit. Time to dust of the keyboard and write.


We hiked up Timpanogos Falls this past weekend (quick photo sesh with my old roommate and her husband). I toted this little camera along for the shoot. It’s an old Canon AE-1 Program SLR passed down from my parents. Jordan’s parents had the same camera back in the film days, so they passed theirs along to Jordan, too. The two of us being camera people and all, they knew it’d be in good hands.

Due to some mechanical issues, Jordan’s camera and MY lens were out of commission. So, I swapped out lenses and stuck on Jordan’s lens to my camera. Now it is a hybrid camera, with parts from mine and Jordan’s parents combined.

And I dunno, I just thought that was kinda cool.

Fun fact: Jordan’s parents and my parents were married on the same day. In the same state. Their anniversary was on Monday. So I guess this is just a little tribute post to them. I’m trying real hard to write out some profound metaphor about this camera/our relationships with our parents, but words escape me at the moment. Cut to photo.

Canon AE-1

Another Home

August 18, 2014

BBrasmusse000715-R3-E021EditCanyonlands at Dusk // Hasselblad 500 CM, Fuji Reala 100

Back in my early online journaling days, I’d often forgo my own thoughts in place of lyrics. Blame it on my hormonal/angsty teenage years, but sometimes a song just says it better.

The nights are getting shorter
I don’t know where they go
And I am getting older
And it’s starting to show

And ever since I left my mother
It’s much harder to know
How to make my own life here
How to make my own home.

– Mother and Father, Broods

Film Friday //

August 15, 2014

BBrasmusse000715-R2-E012EditAmerican Dream // Pentax 67, Kodak Ektar 100

Out of all the photos I have taken in my life thus far, Jordan is my most popular subject. Sometimes, he gets annoyed with it. Especially when it takes me more than 1.5 seconds to set up the shot (which is every time). But what can I say, he’s my favorite. And maybe one day, his progeny will be grateful that his life was so extensively documented.

Happy Friday, y’alls.

O me, O life!

August 12, 2014


When my own words fail to express my own thoughts…

“We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life.

But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.

To quote from Whitman, “O me! O life!… of the questions of these recurring; of the endless trains of the faithless… of cities filled with the foolish; what good amid these, O me, O life?”


That you are here – that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. That the powerful play *goes on* and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?

– Dead Poets Society (1989)

City of Blanding, Utah

August 11, 2014


Last weekend, we had a family reunion with some of Jordan’s extended family (most I had not met before) down at the base camp to adventure: Blanding, Utah.

It is just over a 4 hour drive, so we loaded up the Subie and headed south east. We encountered some pretty nasty/beautiful summer thunder storms along the way.


The storms were just begging for a photo op, so we pulled over and had a quick photo sesh/Muse dance party. It’s hard to put into words what it felt like on the side of the highway, watching the storm clouds roll in as Knights of Cydonia blasted from the car speakers.


Blanding is known for some pretty unique stuff. Well, that is if you’ve heard of Blanding. It is home to a Dinosaur Museum, and is rich with pioneer heritage. We trekked a few miles outside of Blanding to see some ancient petroglyphs. (Including the famous mammoth petroglyph, of which I was blind to).


Laughing about our eyesight failures.


Those storm clouds, though!

photo 1

We stayed at Jordan’s great uncle’s house. It had a southwestern charm and included an at-home salon!


This nightscape gives just a glimpse of how big the sky is down there. We sprawled out on the warm driveway one night and marveled the stars. And witnessed the longest shooting star ever in the world.


Stopped off at Wilson’s Arch on the trip back home. So yes, we had fun. Time spent with family is always time well spent.

Here’s a blurry outtake that I like.


Big Cottonwood Canyon // Hasselblad

August 8, 2014




Utah is home to over 90 canyons. 90! We’ve only been up a handful of them, but THIS one is one of my favorites. Big Cottonwood Canyon is home to Brighton, our favorite ski resort. Jordan and I had season passes their this past year, so we were up there just about every weekend. We pulled over after a day on the snow (and I think the last one of the season) to snap a few shots along the rocky mountainside (hence the high ski socks).

We are planning on heading back up this canyon again to hike/camp out! This summer is slipping away fast, we’ve got a lot to cram in before it’s over. But I must admit, I’m getting a bit excited for the fall. Utah in the fall is to DIE FOR. And, of course, it means ski season is just around the corner. :)

All photos shot on Fuji Reala 100 film, Hasselblad 500 CM

Just a Shoefie.

August 7, 2014

BBrasmusse000715-R3-E026EditNew Balance | Hasselblad 500 CM, Fuji Reala 120

Just a little shoe-selfie. A shoefie, if you will. I shot a roll on Fuji Reala film, and I gotta admit- there were some shots that I LOVED the color profile, and then a few shots that felt a bit blah. I’ll probably stick to Kodak, but it was fun to try something new. (Just googled it- this film is discontinued! Now I feel like I’m talking bad about someone who died. Shame on me.)

Fun fact about this photo- I was waiting for Jordan to finish up a bike ride/film shoot with our biker friend (footage for a work project). I dropped them off at the top of the trail, then drove down to meet them at the end. I had to pee real bad when I took this shot. TMI, maybe. But I’ve got a thing for shoes. I have a shot like this with almost every favorite pair. Not ashamed of that.

On the Road, Homesickness

August 4, 2014


I have rolls of film to share, but I don’t feel like diving into them just yet. Instead, here is a single shot from our weekend in Park City.

We were out in Blanding, Utah all weekend for a family reunion. Zero cell service, hiking, summer storms, and shooting stars across the Milky Way are some highlights from our short stay. Jordan and I are turning right around and heading out to Indiana for a work shoot.

It’s rainy summer days like today that I am hit with pangs of homesickness. If I fill my sights with the sky, I can imagine myself standing on a cold rocky beach in Washington. The clouds bring sprinkles of rain, but not enough to need an umbrella. I am comforted by the fact that I am not far from the North West. But sometimes I just ache to call it my home again.

Happy Birthday, Dad

July 31, 2014


Another family birthday! My Dad. This first shot was snapped on the Pentax. Dad and I were having a film-digital camera showdown, which subsequently ended in a draw. ;)


My sister found this one in the archives. There is something about seeing photos of your parents when they were young. A side of them that still exists deep down, but isn’t easy to see. Though I never knew my dad at this age, I look at this photo, and it feels familiar.

And whoda thought this kid would grow up to have six daughters? Ha! Love you, Dad.

Birthday Girl, Her Dog-erganger

July 29, 2014


You know the opening scene of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians? People walking their dogs, and each dog owner has an uncanny resemblance to their pups? Really one of the greatest opening segments in any Disney film. (And of course, it’s on YouTube.)

While we were out in Atlanta, we spent some time with a family that owns this gangly, peppy labrador. This dog is Naomi’s match. Her dog-erganger, if you will. Though she doesn’t own this dog, they really hit it off.

Oh, and it’s Naomi’s birthday today! So I thought I’d share it. Happy birthday, Nomes!

That depth of field, though.

Both photos shot on the Pentax 67, Kodak Ektar 100 film

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