Pregnancy Update – 36 Weeks!

April 26, 2016

Hi! It’s been a while. I really wanted to be better at documenting this pregnancy, but I kept waiting for life to slow down. And it never did.

So what better time than now to dust off the ol’ blog (for the 50th time) and write down a little update!

Baby Bump

I am 36 weeks. Woah. Baby COULD come any day, and be healthy. But I’ll let her cook a while longer, if she doesn’t mind ;) It really is a strange/incredible thing, watching your body work and change and grow a baby. I mean, I’m not actively doing anything to make this happen, but it keeps going and growing.


Nesting has kicked in pretty strong this past month. I finally decorated a bit more around the house, did some deep cleaning (what the), and now we are putting final touches on the nursery! It’s kind of a funny thing, decorating a nursery. Baby doesn’t care about a theme or what not, she just needs a comfy place to sleep! But it helps scratch the nesting itch. I’ll share photos once we are done, which is hopefully soon, because we ain’t got much time left.

Baby Bump

Some random pregnancy thoughts:

\\ Sleep? Pretty weird these days. I’ll fall asleep on the couch a lot, around 9 or 10, Jord will wake me up to head up to bed, and then I’ll be wide awake for a few hours. And sleeping on my side is getting ollllld.

\\ Baby movement. She is one rolly-polly! And so far, I still love feeling her swim around. No painful rib jabs yet (knock on wood). Her head is down, so when she gets the hiccups, I can feel it pretty strong at the base of my tummy. It’s pretty cute.

\\ Appetite. I mean I love to eat. But I’ve started having a bit of nausea after eating, simply because my stomach doesn’t have the same capacity as it used to. Eating smaller meals helps, plus heartburn is the literal WORST.

\\ Emotions. I cry pretty easily these days, no surprise there. Happy or sad. And I’m already getting nostalgic for how things are now, because I know change is just around the corner. Jord and I have been pretty lucky to have had all these years together, and I just have to remember that this baby isn’t taking away anything from that. She is just going to make us stronger. And I just love her so much already!

Baby bump

More updates to come, including a little maternity shoot and some highlights from our weekend trip to Moab for a little baby moon!


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