Sunday Night Drives

August 24, 2015

Sunday Night Drive

Jordy is back! We can now resume our regularly scheduled program. He loved Asia, and his favorite stop was Hong Kong. We will share some of his photos and adventures from the trip, but I wanted to post some from our Sunday night drive last night.

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Few Things on a Friday

August 21, 2015


I use this blog to document all our travels, but I have swept the every day happenings under the rug. So, I’ll try to do this more often. I’m gonna share random thoughts/links to things I find during the week. Sound good? No? Too bad. I’m in charge here. Jkjk.

But really.

// Jordan has been gone in Asia all week. I hate having him away, BUT I’ll admit. It has been a slower pace ’round these parts. And I’ve enjoyed it. Laze around the house? Dinner at 9? Heck, cereal for dinner? Sure! That being said, I AM ready for him to come home tomorrow.

// This article. I’m a sucker for nostalgia, and I think about my friends from my younger years all the time. I feel like social media has given me a false sense of closeness to these friends. This article made me wonder what it’d be like if I sat down with an old friend in real life. Would we pick up where we left off? Or would we feel like strangers?

// This is my favorite food blog. Of all time. Her love affair with food parallels my own. She knows my every craving. Speaking of, doesn’t this pizza look so dang good?

// Jord and I are prepping for our trip up to Banff in a few weeks. We’ve been looking at different AirBNB’s and lodges, but honestly? We might just rent a camper. I’m open to suggestions, too…

// School has already started here in Utah. I can’t even. But I refuse to let go of summer just yet. I took Kiko out last night on a little cruise around the neighborhood. It was perfect. And man, I feel like I’m failing to express my emotions through writing alone. I depend too heavily on emojis. I need a peace sign emoji to close us out. The struggle. It’s real.

Have a rad weekend, y’all!

[insert peace sign emoji here]

Quick hello!

January 14, 2015

Tibble Fork Canyon, Utah

Just popping over for a quick hello! Life is nuts right now. J and I had a busy weekend working up at Park City, then a huge snow storm hit Utah, so we took a day off to hit the slopes. Oh, and we got a membership at the bouldering gym that just opened a few minutes from our house, so we’ve been climbing a bunch more lately, too. Guys, life is FUN. Well, mostly fun.

I’ll admit I’ve been up and down lately, experiencing a mild quarter-life crisis of some sorts. Not the kind that makes you go out and buy a convertible. But more like the kind that makes you second guess yourself. Doubt your own abilities. Stress about how others might perceive you. Sometimes I feel really proud of this blog space I’ve created. And other times, I’m just so dissatisfied. And frustrated. But such is the process of progress, right?

Anyway. Thanks for following along. I always love reading comments from y’all. The blogging world has introduced me to such sweet and talented people from all over the world. And well, that’s just rad.

P.S. Speaking of rad people, Bethany over at The Collaboreat invited me to do a city guide for Park City! Check it out here!

the thief of joy

November 21, 2014


“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

these thoughts have floated around my head for quite some time now. A few doses of solid articles, Instagrams, and TED talks have motivated me to add my own voice to the realm of social media.

I didn’t make this blog to add to the noise. The last thing I want people to feel when they see shots from one of our adventures is the pang of jealousy. Rather, I’d hope these images motivate you to get out. Do something you’ve been meaning to do, whether it be getting outdoors or calling your mom. Stop putting it off. Cancel your TV. Turn off the computer. Bundle up a bit extra and go on a winter hike. Take photos. Or don’t (truth: adventures still happen if you don’t Instagram them.)

The article I linked to above mentions that “the success of others does not dictate your roadmap or path to happiness.” Why should the good fortune of people you know distract from your own happiness?

I really didn’t want this post to be some in-your-face mumbo jumbo. I realize this attitude is easier said than done. BUT it honestly doesn’t have to be that hard. It can come down to a simple adjustment in the time spent on social media sites. I usually felt grumpy after being on Facebook, SO I just stopped. I deleted FB off my phone. And it was like a weight was lifted.

I still use it every now and again. But once I feel that cranky jealousy creeping up on me, I know it is the first to go. So just give it up for a bit. See how you feel. The world goes on with or without being caught up on your news feed. (Side note- it isn’t Facebook’s fault that you feel this way. It’s your own dang fault. Ask yourself why you feel jealous/anxious/angry at your news feed, and DO something about it.)

I posted this shot of Jordan rock climbing because I was going to use some grand analogy about how life is like climbing and it’s ultimately all up to you and stuff, but it’s just coming out cheesy, as usual with my analogies. Those leg muscles, though.

thoughts on change

November 12, 2014

— I apologize in advance for the vagueness of this post. Just need to write out the feelings today. —

Birdseye SLC // Pentax 67 on Kodak Ektar 100 film

I’ve come to a point in my life where I have learned to slow down. To take a step back more often. And just be happy with the now.

Jordan and I have been experiencing some pretty significant changes in our lives. While Jordan has been a rock, I’ll admit it’s been pretty tough on me. In the past, my habit was to say, “Oh, things will be better when THIS happens.” And then once I made it to that point, I realized the old problems were just replaced with new ones. So I worked hard to change that mentality. I learned to just be happy with the NOW.

Since I was so careful to not take as much for granted, does it make it easier now life has changed? I just don’t know. If anything, I became so content with the way things were, I think I may have set myself up for heartache.

I am hopeful that as time passes, the sting of change will fade. And as I go forward, I may need to adjust my mindset just a bit. Learn to be happy with life as it is, but to not get complacent. Allow myself to be nostalgic every now and again, but don’t let myself get bogged down with mushy sentimentality. And accept change with a bit more grace. It is the only constant in life, after all.

P.S. That photo was taken during a work trip downtown. I am a sucker for Birdseye perspective photography.

post-birthday thoughts on growing up

November 4, 2014

DDRasmusse001009-R10-E003EditAnother Jordan Portrait, Pentax 645N on Kodak Portra 400 film

Usually these types of thoughts come up on one’s own birthday, but I couldn’t help but think of growing older as I saw Jordan earn another year last weekend.

When I got that photo of Jordan back from the film lab, I was a bit surprised. He looked so mature, sophisticated, so grown up. Leading up to his birthday, I’ll admit I was scared. I was scared of Jordan growing older, inching his way closer to 30. I feel like I’m still a kid. How is my husband one year closer (and one year away) from turning 30?

But his birthday was different than I imagined.

As we went throughout the day of celebrations, I kept catching myself observing Jordan. Looking at him in a new light. A 29-year-old light. And dang, it looked good on him.

And not necessarily in a physical-attraction way, (though his smile still makes my stomach flutter). But the 29-year-old Jordan was different. It took me a few days to put my finger on what exactly was different. I think I’ve nailed it down to this:

Growing up is an inevitable but incredible thing.

Time will pass whether we like it or not. So why not just like it? Or, for that matter, love it?

Not gonna lie, I will have moments where I wish I was still my 17-year-old self, where life was simpler (not necessarily easier, but simpler). And sometimes I still FEEL like I am my 17-year-old self, and my real age doesn’t feel true to me.

And there’s the kicker- I don’t have to use my age to define me. To define what I can and cannot do. I remember thinking of myself as an adult when I was younger, and now I realize I was never really imagining myself. I was imagining some other person, separate from myself. An adult. A stranger. But now, I AM an adult. I’m still me. And that realization has helped me accept each year with a bit more grace.

SO I guess what I’m trying to say is this: when it came down to it, Jordan was still Jordan. Turning 29 didn’t make him any less interesting, any less exciting. Any less Jordan. Turns out, these silly numbers attached to every human is simply that: a number. And dare I say that Jordan is the best version of himself I’ve seen yet. All thanks to the passage of time, to him growing up.

So don’t fight against it. Age with grace. After all, you only grow old once.

My Match – Pentax 645N

October 16, 2014

His Weekend Job // Pentax 645N, Kodak Portra 400

I got 10 rolls back from the film lab today, including 4 portrait sessions. How fitting is it that the first shot taken on the new Pentax 645N is also a photo of Jordan working on his car. Remember this one?

Reviewing these photos has solidified my conviction in selling this bad boy. I am very happy with the Pentax 645N, and I think it will be my go-to camera from now on.

I felt a bit silly at first, once I realized how many film cameras/money I have gone through to figure out what works for me. But the process was necessary. If I had gone with the Pentax 645N in the first place, I don’t think I would have progressed as I have as a photographer.

This Pentax 645N is my first auto-focus film camera, and operates similarly to a DSLR. The slower-paced, manual focus cameras I started out with have made me more cautious about when I click the shutter. Shooting with the Hasselblad and Pentax 67 was a period of slowing down. Shooting less. Composing better. I’ve done my time. I think I’ve earned it.

Full Moon over Park City // Pentax 645N, Kodak Portra 400

A thought, a photo

October 14, 2014

Sometimes, I have drafts and drafts of posts. But I can’t seem to finish any.

In these moments of writer’s block, I find myself searching through old photographs. Photographs initially discarded as outtakes. And for whatever reason, the passage of time has given a new life to these photos from the cutting room floor.

Cougar Mountain Trail, WA
Cougar Mountain Trail, WA. Hasselblad 500 CM, Kodak Portra 400

Also? I’m missing those rain forests right about now. But when do I not.

Life and Stuff

September 24, 2014

Allow me to deviate from the usual post for a moment. Life is crazy. I was gonna say just right now it’s crazy, but honestly, when is it not?


Jordan and I, we love working together. We really do. But, like any job, it gets stressful. It’s the busy season at work right now, and tension has been a bit high to complete projects on time. With both of us under this pressure, it’s hard to find relief from work, even at home.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that you can’t truly appreciate the good if you don’t know the bad. It’s those moments of stress/heartache/anger/fear/etc. that you tend to forget what the good feels like.

But when you finally make it through the tough stuff, doesn’t the good feel that much sweeter?


We got this.

I snapped these photos at work while we were setting up lights for a shoot. Jo makes a pretty great stand-in model. :)

Another Home

August 18, 2014

BBrasmusse000715-R3-E021EditCanyonlands at Dusk // Hasselblad 500 CM, Fuji Reala 100

Back in my early online journaling days, I’d often forgo my own thoughts in place of lyrics. Blame it on my hormonal/angsty teenage years, but sometimes a song just says it better.

The nights are getting shorter
I don’t know where they go
And I am getting older
And it’s starting to show

And ever since I left my mother
It’s much harder to know
How to make my own life here
How to make my own home.

— Mother and Father, Broods

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